Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Hidden gems along the west side of Harrison Lake

The adventure begins at the Sasquatch Inn (now what adventure doesn't) or if you are a golfer, at the Sandpiper Golf Resort.  For a few miles the road is paved but then changes to gravel which it remains forever.  It is not recommended that you take your moms Sunday going to church car for this adventure.  I was fortunate to have access to dirt bikes .  At approximately the 20 km point we parked our truck and took off on our bikes.  The photographic opportunities were everywhere.  From views down onto the lake to hidden waterfalls at almost every corner the scenery was breath taking.  All along the road are mossy covered rock outcroppings which, if you take your time, provide many opportunities fro some great photographs.  In addition, do not forget your eyes open for wildlife.  During our short time in this area were were able to see, in addition to birds, 2 different types of deer and a bear.  This is an area I will be making many return trips to so I can expand my photograph collection.

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