Friday, 19 August 2011

Hidden Gems on the Hayward Lake Trails, Mission

Hayward Lake offers scenic hikes which meander around the lake. There are two trails; the Railway Trail on the west side and the Reservoir Trail on the east side. It is possible to do both trails as part of a loop.  Even on the hottest summer days the Reservoir Trail provides relief.  Highlights on the Reservoir Trail include Steelehead Falls and the many bridges which cross the many small streams.  Besides the numerous short glimpses of the Lake the other highlights include the floating bridge and the moss covered trees.  This is truly a rain forest.  Highlights of the Railway Trail include the beaver pond and the long abandoned railway trestles which still stand up from the lake.  The main parking lot, which is the start point for the Railway Trail, has fully operational washrooms and a beach.  Keep in mind that the water is always cold.  More information can be found here:

Additional photographs taken from around Hayward Lake can be viewed at:

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