Friday, 25 November 2011

Hidden Gems at the Ruskin Picnic Site

For bird watchers in November and December the Ruskin Picnic area is "bird de jour."  On this sunny November afternoon there were more than 50 eagles, double that number of hawks, and at least 20 Herons which were all within a 10 minute walk.
This morning the only company I had besides the birds were the half dozen fishers who were concentrating at their task.  The day-to-day the water flow in this area can change dramatically as BC Hydro alters the flow out of Hayward Lake.  I was able to watch a heron settle a dispute with a hawk only to fly off in pursuit of some unknown shiny thing. If you decide to hike in this area you must be prepared for the strong aroma of decaying salmon.  On some days it is overwhelming. As the water level does flucuate it is important to wear water proof shoes.

To reach this area turn up Wilson Road from the Lougheed Highway near Mission.  When you reach the dam make a right turn over the dam when it is safe to do so.  After about half a kilometer on the right you will see the entrance for the Ruskin Picnic Area.

More photographs can be viewed at:

Please note:  This area is scheduled to be closed to the public as BC Hydro makes substantial upgrades to the Ruskin Dam.

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