Friday, 30 September 2011

Willband Creek Park

Willbank Creek Park is located at the corner of the Mission Abbotsford Highway (Highway 11) and Bateman Road in the Sumas Flats.  The center point of this park are the ponds and lakes.  Throughout the year one can watch many of the migratory birds as they walk the level 2.6 kilometer path.   Despite the shortage of trees, Fall colours do exist in the many varieties of grasses along the lake edge.  There are two drawbacks to this park.  First is that many parts of the paths are inundated with "landmines (doggy dew)".  Try to keep one eye on the path as you enjoy the scenery.  Second. there is no escaping from the traffic and local construction noise.  Despite this, as this park matures it will surely be a "gem" that Abbotsford can be proud.

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Friday, 23 September 2011

Westminster Abby - Mission BC

Up on the hill overlooking the valley is the bell tower with which Mission has become associated.  Some of the best views in Mission can be seen from his location.  One can relax while walking along the paths which meander throughout the grounds of the Abby.  The bell tower was completed in 1957 with the remainder of the Abby being completed in 1982.  More information can be fond here:   Whenever out of town friends drop in for a visit this is one of the "must see" places where I take them. 

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