Sunday, 19 April 2015

Arduum Guns and Rotors/Mastadon

If you want a work out this is it.  Going up the Arduum Guns and Rotors trail takes you straight up Red Mountain.  You climb 350 meters in just over 1 kilometer....and keep in mind that there are some flat sections.  This is steep. It would be worth waiting to witness a bike rider go flying over this 25 foot drop.

This entire trail is in the forest so it would be a good choice on hot summer days.  When one reaches the top take a right turn and the trail turns into the Mastodon trail.  Although this trail is much longer, 3.6 kilometers, taking this trail down is much easier on the knees. Another bonus is that most of this trail is simply just a really beautiful trail.
Early in Spring this trail has numerous Trilliums in bloom.
To get to this trail in Mission BC drive north on Dewdney Trunk Road past the small lake at the base of Bear Mountain, past the Mission Gun Club and turn right onto the next turnout on the west side of the road.  Walk past the closed gate up the logging road keeping to the left.  Soon the trail head sign post will be evident on your left. On the return you rejoin this logging road just 100 meters further up the road.