Sunday, 12 October 2014

Mission's Dewdney Grind

Just east of Mission BC Dewdney Peak is visible on the north side of the Lougheed Highway.  There are two trails which meet up near the cabin which is the goal for many.  The south trail is referred to as the Dewdney Grind.  In under 2 kilometers you climb 575 average grade of 33%.  After reaching the cabin one can continue for another kilometer and a climb of 275 meters one reaches the summit.  For those wanting to get into shape this is the place to go.  Unfortunately, as this trail is near Mission, it too is under severe stress from logging operations.  At the time of this post the north trail has been obliterated in sections by clear cut logging.  The south trail has been surveyed and marked for the same fate.   For more information of the logging plans you can visit the Facebook page at: 

the cabin 
A section of the south trail

a place to dry and rest

To find this trail follow Highway #7 (Lougheed Highway) East of Mission. Turn onto Hawkins Pickle Road just before the highway crosses the railroad tracks.  Follow this road for 2.8 kilometers and on a corner stay straight going on to a gravel road.  This is the Norrish Forest Service Road. Keep your eyes peeled to the left looking for an indication of a trail.  You can park on the right-hand side of the road near a corner  It can be difficult to see unless you know where to look.

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