Sunday, 12 October 2014

Williams Ridge

So you want tough??  Are you sure?  This makes the Grouse Grind appear like a Sunday afternoon stroll.  This hike is so tough that:  1.  When you trip and fall, while hiking up, the fall is actually only 1 foot;  2.  You look up to find the horizon and it is at 80 degrees above you; 3.  You struggle on what you think is a flat stretch only to look back and realize that it is at least a 25% grade; 4.  Your faithful companion Buddy, who usually runs 50 yards ahead and sits and waits for you to catch up, has fallen asleep by the time you get there.  Do you get the idea?  This is gain over 1400 meters in about 2 kilometers.  You will probably have some choice words to say as you work your way back is brutal on the knees.

When one reaches the ridge the views are spectacular.  From the ridge you can continue on to Williams Peak itself.

The start of this trail is, well, disappointing.  You need to work your way through a clear cut to the bottom of the ridge.  When you reach the tree line you go straight do not ease into this trek.  And it does not let up until you near the ridge. About 3/4 of the way up you cross an area where streams run just under the surface with the occasional opening and visible stream.  However, if you are on your way back to the parking lot a clear cut never looked so good.

To find this trail travel east on the Chilliwack River Road for 34 kilometers.  Just past the closed (300 meters) you will see the sign post for the trail on your left (north).  Drive up the lane for about 100 meters and park.  Follow this lane to a "T" and walk to the right.  You will see a faint trail to your right within 40 meters and the path through the clear cut.

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