Sunday, 28 June 2015

Eaton Lake

On a hot day this is one trail which helps one escape the heat.  Although the trail is steep (23%) since most of the trail is shaded and follows a cascading creek it does remain cool.  In two places the trail uses log bridges to cross over the creek.  Along the trail there are enough waterfalls to keep the waterfallologists enthused.
When one reaches closer to the lake the endless climb eases as one walks immediately beside the creek.  Shortly after this one reaches Eaton Lake.  Keep in mind that this has been a 925 meter climb over 4.2 kilometers.  On hot days the lake provides a great cool down.
For those so inclined the lake provides opportunities to try some fly fishing.  Numerous trout in the range from 6 to 12 inches were seen surfacing.

To find this trail drive on the Highway #1 (Trans-Canada Highway) towards Hope taking exit #168. Follow this road to a flashing amber light and turn right on to Silver Skagit Road. Zero your odometer and head south on this road. At the "Y" take the left and follow signs for Ross Lake.
Shortly after the 16 km point turn left on to a side road marked with a sign for the Eaton Lake Trail. Follow the road a short distance to the campsite area. Do not park in any of the campsites.

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