Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Evans Peak

Steep and ugly.  There is no other way to describe this trail.  At an average incline of 23.7% over 4 kilometers you are guaranteed a workout.  Rarely does one see a view which makes the trek almost bearable.

 Even tho this trail is almost completely in the shade due to the forest the trail in summer is dusty which creates poor footing in parts of the trail.  This is also the shortcut trail to Allouette Mountain.  Approximately at the 900 meter mark the trail "Y's" with the right trail going to Evans and the left to Allouette.  As one nears the peak there is a section where a rope is used to help you climb.  Without a doubt this is a challenge when one hikes with a dog.  You will need to lift him up and then catch him on a jump on the way down. This trail will cover 4 kilometers with an elevation gain of 950 meters.

Despite my negative comments about this trail, the views from the peak does put it on the list of those to do once.

To find this trail drive to Golden Ears Park near Maple Ridge BC.  When in the park look for the West Canyon Trail.  This is the same trail used to access the Golden Ears and Alder Flats.  After about 10 minutes on this trail there will be a trail going off to the left (View Point Trail).  After about 30 minutes look for the sign for Evans Peak on your right.

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