Sunday, 12 October 2014

Mt St Benidict

Mt St Benidict rises from the east side of Stave Lake and provides views to the west back to Mount Crickmer.  The first 20 minutes of this hike are absolutely gorgeous as the trail winds up through old growth mossy forest.  One exists this forest into the scene for which Mission BC is becoming famous.....the clear cut. Another logging operation completed without any regard for the recreation activities around.

   One continues along this new clear cut until the trail (?) veers off onto an older logging road.  It is along this road that one encounters a waterfall.
Once past this waterfall the road deteriorates into boulder climbing as one experiences an example of what happens when a logging road is not decommissioned properly.  The road becomes a new stream bed and all fine material are washed away leaving just the boulders.  One continues on this road until the trail veers off into new growth forest in which one can find remnants of previous logging operations.  One shortly reaches a small lake below the peak.  From here it is a short hike up the ridge to Mt St Benidict.
To reach the trail head drive east on the Lougheed Highway past Mission.  Turn left on Sylvester Road staying the course as it changes into a gravel road.  Follow for 18.5 kilometers until Murdo Creek is crossed.  There is a lot of parking on the north west side of the bridge.  To find the trail walk back across the bridge and the trail can be seen on the left.

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